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Bio-Orgonomy for Business 
Providing Insight and a Powerful Foundation for a Successful Business

for Business

Providing Insight & a Powerful Foundation

for a Successful Business


Do you find yourself in the same vicious circle, despite endless workshops and consulting with top professionals from business consultants and coaches to lawyers and financial experts? 
You may be an A student when it comes to theory and implementation...
But, you're still in the same loop, with the same problem...
When was the last time you felt rewarded for your professional efforts?
When did you actually enjoy a project from start to finish? 
When did you last feel valued by a client or an employee?
When you need a new and different approach, this is where Biorgonomy comes in, just one call away.


1 - Booster

Insight, support and practical tools for resolving  a specific query or challenge. 

2 - Zoom In

Stabilizing, optimizing & enhancing the performance of your existing business model & strategy. 

3 - Scale Up

Growing & expanding your personal consciousness and business intelligence, &
elevating your business.

Our Working Models

Business Optimization Model

Explanation of the typical stages of working on a specific business

Go for it !

I invite you to book an introductory session, where you will receive immediate clarity, value and new directions, at no cost to you.

"I was feeling a little overwhelmed during a crucial negotiation, 
but Tehilla Aloni from Biorgonomy for Biz came to my rescue with her intuitive guidance and support. 

Just a quick chat with her and I felt so much more confident and prepared. 
And the result?
We landed one of our most exciting projects for 2022! 

Tehilla has a way of knowing just what I need to feel empowered and succeed in business. 
I'm so grateful to have her in my corner..."

Tamar Shnaider - Co Founder Ma'adana, Israel


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