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Photo Gal Barly

Gal Barly Founder Liner, Israel

"I was running my own business and had an opportunity to start another company, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to take on the added responsibility. That's when I turned to Tehilla for help. At first, I was skeptical that she could really make a difference in my company, but the insight and clarity I gained from my sessions with her were invaluable. Not only did she help me identify and overcome specific challenges I was facing in my business, but she also helped me tap into my own intuition and make better decisions. It reached a point where before meetings, she accurately predicted the points & objectives the prospects would raise and directed me how to react to these objections. It worked! I've seen a huge increase in profits and overall success since working with her. I highly recommend giving Tehilla a try, even if you're not sure it's for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! "


Yaron Been, CEO, EcomXFactor

“I’m a skeptic. Our business is unique & I don’t have time to educate a consultant. I was sure I was doing everything right & it was just a matter of time until a breakthrough. I just needed accountability. Boy, was I in for a surprise! I didn’t have to explain much. Tehilla was very quick on the uptake and told me things about my partners & business, she had no way of knowing. She provided valuable insights & new options which I hadn’t considered. Looking for more than just a consultant with a cutting edge? Go for Tehilla ”

Photo Camilla Sherr

Camilla Sherr Co-Founder, Director at HHA, Moshi, Tanzania

“For the past 4 years Tehilla has played an important role in our business and NPOs. I consult her on a regular basis (even on personal matters) and I find her indispensable. Thanks to Tehilla’s insights we have managed to save time, money and heartache. We make better decisions regarding our workforce, strategies, sales/ fundraisings and overall management."

Kristen Johnson, PuraVida Bodywork, USA

Ayelet Yakar Yeshaya, Management & Career Consultant, R'ananna, Israel

Kristen Johnson

“I highly recommend Tehilla's unique business consulting services for anyone looking to clarify their business direction and gain a competitive edge. In just one meeting, Tehilla was able to help me understand my business's core essence and provide valuable insights into the industry.‏She offered concrete steps for progress and her unique consulting process expanded my vision for success. If you're facing with decision-making or finding your place in the business world, I recommend you schedule a meeting with Tehilla today. "

"Tehilla quickly honed in on a situation in my home and gave me a practical remedy that was easy for me to implement.  I was very impressed by her clarity, accuracy and efficiency.  If you're looking for guidance that is specific to you and gets to the core of the matter, look no further than Tehilla Aloni."

Shakeela Naz.jpeg

Shakeela Naz Rajput, Global Entrepreneur, Social and Economic Empowerment, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Choosing to work with Tehilla was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her powerful, positive energy is infectious, and her multi-dimensional professional skills are a game-changer.

After just one session with Tehilla, things started falling into place for me - I immediately saw an increase in my income and circumstances! She has a unique ability to transform what felt like a low-profile business into a high-profile venture. Through her guidance, I was able to align with my mission and goals, something that previously seemed overwhelming.

Before our session, I felt low and tired, but Tehilla's approach brought immediate improvement. Her expertise infused me with survival instincts, positivity, and renewed energy. She offered me hope at a time when I felt I needed it most.

Beyond just business, Tehilla's work promotes global peace through wellness, mental health, and beauty - something I deeply resonate with. Her sessions don't just transform businesses, they transform lives. Thank you, Tehilla, for your invaluable support."

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