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Bio-Orgonomy provides insight and a powerful foundation for a successful business:


You know that the success of your business depends on the decisions you make and the strategies you take.  

Bio-Orgonomy delivers immediate and unequivocal value, by providing insight and clarity in situations or when choices are required. According to Bio-Orgonomy, all "things" have energetic fields which sustain them, including persons, animals, relationships, businesses, bank accounts, homes and inanimate objects. Malfunction & disease are created when the energy fields of a subject are disrupted.

In business, disrupted energy fields prevent you from obtaining your objectives and can lead to weakness, vulnerability, loss of resources, etc. Not meeting your objectives, despite doing all the "right" moves, drains you and your business, creating stress and lack of stability. 

The difficulties you encounter in your business, can be due to lack of energy fields in your personal life or the in the business itself, including it's various departments, bank accounts, staff and relations with specific clients, projects, suppliers & contractors.  

Bio-Orgonomy diagnoses and immediately renews the energetic fields, requiring no physical contact or presence, using the practitioner's eyelid reaction for feedback.

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