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Meet Tehilla Aloni


Tehilla Aloni is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a unique blend of experiences in business, wellness, and personal development. As the CEO of an Access Control Company, a former Israeli Judo Champion training alongside Olympic medalists, and an IDF Boot Camp Instructor, she has harnessed her drive, ambition, and leadership skills to empower and inspire others.

In her work as a Homeopath and Extrasensory Business Consultant, Tehilla combines her extensive knowledge of Kabbalah, spiritual practices, NLP, and internal martial arts with her passion for helping others. She offers a comprehensive and transformative experience that nurtures both personal well-being and business success.

Bio-Orgonomy for Business

Founded by Tehilla Aloni in 2018, Bio-Orgonomy for Business serves businesses worldwide. Tehilla's expertise lies in using Bio-Orgonomy, a method for diagnosis and optimization, to help business owners make tough calls and increase profits. She addresses the core issues and understands how personal well-being directly impacts business, treating both the individual and their business holistically.

Tehilla's unique approach allows clients to align with abundance, tap into their inner selves, and break conscious and subconscious patterns holding them back. With over 20 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, and counseling, Tehilla's mission is to support and guide women in their journey towards success, abundance, and fulfillment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to stabilize, optimize, and enhance the performance of your existing business model and strategy while also helping you to grow and expand your personal consciousness and business intelligence. With a focus on providing personalized guidance and support, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the challenges of running a small business and reach their objectives.

Whether you're facing a specific challenge or looking for ways to take your business to the next level, we are here to provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.

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